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WordCamp Europe 2014 – Video

So here it is. My talk at WordCamp Europe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.

Books to Enhance your Creativity


After a very successful talk in the 2014 WordCamp Europe I got a lot of request for reading recommendations about creativity. Instead of anwsering to each one of you individually I decided to group all the info into one post so more people can benefit from it.

So, here are some of the books that I really recommend:

Speaker at WordCamp Europe 2014

WordCamp Europe 2014

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be speaking at the 2014 WordCamp Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the biggest WordCamp with more than 1.000 attendees expected, and one of the biggest technology conferences. Me, I’ll be talking about creativity and our brains. What else.

WordCamp Porto 2013

Hugo Fernandes WordCamp

Last weekend I was honored to give a talk in the 2013 WordCamp Portugal, an event that brings people together with one common goal: WordPress. For the first time Porto held the event and an amazing team made it happen. Let me publicly thank everyone involved. You guys really nailed it.

But it wouldn’t be fair to resume everything around WordPress. No, to me it was much more than. It was about being with awesome people, great friends, eat, drink and learn. Could I ask for more? I don’t think so.

WordCamp Europe 2013 – Building the Future

WordCamp Europe

WordPress keeps growing. No, I’m not talking about downloads and audience dimension, I’m talking about maturity. Yes, even more. The reason I’m saying this it’s because for the first time a group of WordPress enthusiasts, specialists and contributors from all around the world gathered around in one common place and talked about things that you don’t usually (wrongly) associate to a open source software.

WordCamp Europe was the first international WordPress event with that in mind. Even Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress co-founder, was amazed by that. The people, the coders, the designers, the translators, the thinkers, (almost) everyone that is pushing WordPress forward was here. At the end of the day, these people are what makes WordPress what it is right now.