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I finally managed to visit ESAD Matosinhos. For the ones of you who don’t know what it is, I’ll put it in simple terms: ESAD is the best portuguese creative university. That’s it.

I always had it in high consideration, but after the experience of attending one of their events, the bar just got higher, which is awesome.

The Event

ESAD Web Talks was the first of what I hope to be the many events dedicated to the web that the university organized.

They invited The StandardistasAndy McMillanSimon Collison and Robbie Manson to speak in what was supposed to be a small get around event since it wasn’t advertised in a big scale.

I go to a lot of conferences, but the majority always have some kind of relationship with technology. I was missing an event about design and no more that that, to hear people sharing their thoughts, to think about what they’re saying…

The Standardistas talk came in a good momento to me. Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson teach interactive design at the University of Ulster, Belfast, and their talk was a lot about creativity, which is a subject that I’m personally interested since I’m giving some talks about the theme, including at some schools. It was a really nice add-on to my session and made me though in some new things.

Andy McMillan was next, and although I respect his way of see things, I disagree with a lot he said. The main difference is on how we see where innovation comes from. But this will give another post by itself 🙂

Simon Collision to me was the highlight of the day. I basically identify myself with everything he said. Really well done. He talked about the philosophy of design: “Through timeless lessons and practical examples, learn how reduction and restraint can improve communication, emotion, and experience in our designs, with a philosophy applicable to every aspect of the systems we produce.” I advise you to download his slides and take a look 😉

To close the event, Robbie Manson. He’s the designer behind FreeAgent and he loves details. So do I 🙂

ESAD, a source of inspiration

When you have truly dedicated and passionate people behind a school, you can always spot who’s doing the right things. And ESAD is one of those cases. Paulo Zoom and Tiago Pedras managed to put this thing up and give to their students a priceless experience: to hear great people in our scene sharing their own experiences. That, you can’t learn in a class room.

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