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Another year, another victory.

The 2012 gotoAndSki(); edition went as expected: awesome. Networking, fun, snow, friendship, geekness, talks, all of that was present in this great conference. Like in last year’s edition, everything went smoothly and we all ended up enjoying it.

Once again, congratulations to Fernando and David for putting up a different and great conference. I’m looking forward to be at gotoAndSki(); 2013! 😉

The speakers

As usual, a lot of great speakers.

Tom Krcha gaves us another insights of what’s happening with Flash and gaming. After met him at the last Flash Camp Portugal, it was nice to be with him again and see some crazy games that Stage3D can deliver. Whoever thought that Flash is dead, be prepared.

Mihai Corlan talk was made in a great mood. He shared what he think a great developer must do to master the mobile apps world. And some of his tips gave us new perspectives and a will to do more stuff.

Michael Plank started the second day. His knowledge of how to build interactive 3D games was superb. A walk through of all the process of a game was also showed, from artwork to code. One of my favorite sessions.

The first time I saw Mario Klingemann was at OFFF in 2006. Since then, he kept two things the same way. His aspect and his love for programming and mathematic. I mean, this guy doesn’t get old! After a time where he didn’t went to conferences as a speaker, it was a real pleasure to see him again. He showed us what he’s been working on: a skin detection mechanism. And he also showed some boobs. Not his, of course. Just a prove of concept of what skin is.

Steven Peeters showed us the power of ORM. Want to know more about this? Check it out here.

With “Simple P2P with Flash & Flex for the common mortal”, Peter Elst talk was really about that: making things easy. Of course, “easy” to this guy is build some libraries and provide some open source code to the community 😉 Thanks Peter! 🙂

Eugene Zatepyakin is what I call a fucked up mind. In a good way 🙂 The algorithms he’s been working on “just for fun” are… well, I think that only Mario understood the numbers behind the work. In his spare time he’s developing a mechanism of image recognition. A kind of augmented reality but with images instead of a geometric figures. It sounds simple, but believe me, it’s not. He’s young, so I can not imagine what the future will bring to him. I’m sure we’ll hear about him in a future 🙂

Dominic Graefen moved recently to the Bay Area, so chat with him about that was always awesome. He’s the kind of guy that can fool anyone. Looking at him, you’ll probably think that he’s just a skater boy, or whatever. But when he starts coding… get out of his way! His talk was about what he think a productive developer should be and done. His experience give him the knowledge ro know that, for sure.

My talk

This year I had a different role. I was there as a speaker. I must admit that in the first minutes I was surprisingly nervous. I mean, in the audience were some of the best developers I ever met. And there I was, talking about creativity. But after the initial feelings, everything went as planned 🙂

Every year there’s a non-tech talk, and this year it was me who tried to put the geek minds to think different with “Hello Ideas”. Creativity, ideas, brainstorming, creative techniques… Those were the main items of my session. I’ve also made some creative exercises, witch produced some funny results. And at the end, the brainstorming session gathered all I spoke in the first half of the talk.

The final feedback was awesome, so I was happy 🙂 Thanks everyone.

Active Media sponsorship

My former agency was also present as a sponsor. As always, they try to be upfront and it was very good to me to see them supporting the conference.

While working in there, I art directed the conference’s video trailer, wich was produced by João Madureira, Active Media in house motionographer, and the soundtrack was produced by David, the conference co-organizer. I think it ended up great with João and David putting all the pieces together is a perfect way  🙂

See you next year?

Even if you are not related to the Flash world, if you’re a developer you really should be there next year. There’s a lot of things happening besides Flash. And of course, HTML5 is just around the corner 😉 So pack your bags, prepare your boards, and we’ll meet there in 2013!

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