I’ll be speaking at Flash Camp Portugal 2011

November 29th, 2011 | Filed under: events | Tags: , ,

It’s with an extreme honor that I’ll be in this years Flash Camp Portugal as a speaker.

The event will be held this Saturday, December 3rd, at the Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, so I expect you to show up if you’re in town.

I’ll be speaking about integrating WordPress and Flash in an easy and simple way and I will show how to do it. It could save you guys weeks of work, so I expect my experience will be any good for you.

This year we have a rock and solid panel. Manuel Barbosa, Paulo Moreira, Michael Chaize, Tom Krcha, Jean-Marc Le Roux, Tiago Dias, Fernando Colaço and Joshua Davis. You’ve heard it right. Joshua Davis will be closing the event 😉

In a time that a lot of people says Flash is dead, it’s really important to show that it it’s not true. In fact, Flash is getting stronger in some areas, like gaming. It’s up to us to keep on moving and try to learn the best use to give to Flash. So let’s do it. Saturday is just one more day.

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