I’ll be speaking at ESAD Matosinhos

March 18th, 2013 | Filed under: events, talks

ESAD Matosinhos

What a great honor! I’ve been invited to speak at what I consider the best design university in Portugal: ESAD Matosinhos.

The invitation came from Tiago, a person that I so much respect and admire, so I couldn’t ask for more.

It’s funny to look backwards and remember thinking “I wish I had studied in ESAD”. And now I’ll be there.

Hello Ideas

Yes, I’ll take my “Hello Ideas” talk. Although I’ve been presenting it for some time, I feel it fits perfectly in the university’s context. The event will be held in the university’s auditorium on March 20, so feel free to join me.

And One more thing…

Well, since I´ll be in Porto and I’m co-managing the portuguese Adobe User Group, why not make a meetup/event there? So that’s what’s going to happen. On march 19 we will gather to do this: http://wgid-esad.eventbrite.com

Who’s up for a francesinha?

If you don’t know what a francesinha is, please google it and thank me later. So if you want to chat a little bit, get in touch. I would love to 🙂

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