I’ll be speaking at gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’);

September 26th, 2011 | Filed under: events, talks

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that in January 2012 I’ll be at gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’); as a speaker 🙂

After spending some amazing days in last year conference, like I told in this post, it was with great joy that I got Fernando invitation to present the “non-geek” talk of the event. I called the talk “Hello Ideas” and it will be like this:

The developers mind it’s a case study by itself. It finds creativity where a common person only sees numbers and letters. But it can also be lazy. 1+1 will always be 2.
That’s the pattern this talk wants to break. Sometimes 1+1 can be 3. Why not?More than a talk, “Hello Ideas” aims do be a collaborative brainstorming session where the speaker and the attendees will interact in the quest of getting better and different ideas.With the objective of giving mental tools and processes, we will be talking about different styles of brainstorming and how each one fits better in each individual or group scenario.With an audience composed on its majority by geeks and ‘technical’ attendees, tools and methods will be given to learn how not to kill an idea. This is an important aspect in a developers brain. Instead of asking in a first stage if it’s possible to build the idea, he should let it roll. One step at a time.How can we develop creative and imaginative solutions to business problems?
How can I do this if I’m a freelancer and work alone?
How can I generate ideas in a team environment?
In the end, all these questions will have an answer. And most important, the attendees will see that sometimes 1+1 is 3. Hello ideas.

So, if you liked what you’ve just read and if you want to spend some days at the swiss alps with great minds around you, this conference can’t be missed. Check out more info about it here.

See you there?


There’s a portuguese version of this article in the Active Media blog.

3 Comments on “I’ll be speaking at gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’);”

  1. 1 Dennis said at 09:55 on September 26th, 2011:

    Hey Hugo,
    Great to hear that you’re speaking this year! I won’t be there unfortunately. It coincides with my holiday 🙁
    Have fun though and good luck!

  2. 2 imhugo said at 10:35 on September 26th, 2011:

    Thanks a lot Dennis 🙂

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