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I’m so glad I came to this conference. It was almost a last time decision, but I can tell you now that I won’t loose one more.

The are 4 reasons for that.

Reason 1: The people

Let’s face it. This is the main reason I go to conferences. Meet new people and most of all hang with guys that you keep seeing at this events. Some of them are already friends. And that’s the beauty of our job. You always talk with bright minds and really nice persons.

Reason 2: The conference

The speakers line up was another reason, of course. I mean, there was Joshua Davis,  Tom Beddard, Keith Peters, Grant Skinner… You can see them all here.

Reason 3: Marc

Marc Thiele is the conference’s curator. And if someone deserves your support, he’s the guy. A true genuine person who do what he’s doing for pure passion. I met him the first time at the Blackberry Dev Conf, in Amsterdam, and he’s a kind of guy that engages you since minute one. It was a true pleasure to see him again and be present at his conference. In a way, it’s a way to help.

Reason 4: The city

Cologne really surprised me. What a beautiful city… I could easily live in here. It somehow reminds me Lisbon.  There’s something in it you can’t explain by words, just with feelings. I am now lunching at the Brüsseler Platz, and this place has an atmosphere so creative, so chill out, so simple, so beautiful.

Wrapping up

A lot of what I’ve heard made me think. Merely, it was technology issues. As a designer and coder, I always try to use the best technology my users need. Always in a user point of view. I dont care what’s trendy, just on what it works. But the fact is that the industry is changing. Like it or not, the role of Flash as a technology is loosing space. Joshua Davis leaved Flash for Processing and Grant Skinner is being commissioned by Adobe to produce Javascript tools for Flash. And they were two of the biggest “Flash unofficial evangelists”. But has they all said, this is just a tool. To me, as a designer, the important is the message, not how you deliver it.

I hope next year the quality of the conference maintains the same or even better. I won’t loose it. And you shouldn’t also.

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2 Comments on “Play! Beyond Tellerrand”

  1. 1 marc said at 14:17 on April 28th, 2012:

    Hey Hugo,

    thanks a lot for this very nice write-up and the super nice words about btPLAY and me. Blog posts like this keeps is the true reason for me tu run such an event.



  2. 2 imhugo said at 14:25 on April 28th, 2012:

    Like I said before, you deserve it 🙂