Speaker at WordCamp Europe 2014

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WordCamp Europe 2014

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be speaking at the 2014 WordCamp Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the biggest WordCamp with more than 1.000 attendees expected, and one of the biggest technology conferences. Me, I’ll be talking about creativity and our brains. What else.

Kimb, one of the folks behind the event, asked me one question.

“What are the goals of your presentation and how would the WordPress community benefit?”

My answer was:

My main goals with this talk is to show how can we build different solutions for similar problems, how can we control our lives with creative techniques and above all I want people to reflect of why we as human beings are loosing creativity as we grow up.

Being an active member of the portuguese WordPress community and an active WordPress user, I know these mental processes are a valuable asset to the way we approach WordPress as a tool. With the right creative approach, WordPress can be whatever we want.

I truly believe in this. WordPress is such a powerful tool that basically allow us to do whatever we need to. We just have to use our best tool to accomplish it: our brain.

I’ve been talking about creativity and life for so long. Right now I’m at my peak point of research and developed my own theories about creativity and our brains, so the timing to present it at WordCamp Europe is perfect.

Let’s meet there, shall we?

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