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Let me to tell you a story.

nce upon a time, a little boy borned in Portugal. This happened in 1992 and their parents called him Ricardo. It still is his name.

One day, in 2010, Ricardo brings us SWITCH for the first time, a conference about “technology, science, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in a network-friendly environment”. In 2011, one year later, the second SWITCH happens with 28 speakers and more than 200 attendees. It was last weekend. I couldn’t make it to the first one, but this one me and some Active Media folks (also one of the sponsors) didn’t miss it.

You might be thinking now:

“Wait, but 1992… we’re in 2011… that means that Ricardo is 18 years old? And he organized the first conference with only 17? Yeah, right…”

Well, you better think twice. It’s true.

The Team

Ricardo is an example of what a teen entrepreneur is. It bugs my mind how a teenager can do this… Things do change. And seeing the SWITCH team made me realize that teens are getting adults sooner that we got in our time. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but something to reflect.

I really do admire their will and gives me hope for the future. Although I’m not that old (I’m only 31 ok?), 10 years represents a generation.
And having a 2 years old daughter (almost :)) feels good to visualize that she’s going to have as an older generation the kids from now. And I hope she crosses her road with the SHIFT team in a future nearby!

Anyway, just want to publicly congratulate Ricardo and the amazing people behind him and that had provided me such inspirational talks and good moments.

The Speakers

I’d like to start to tell you about the workshop that Jorge Oliveira from Active Media gave. If you’re looking to work for an agency, take a close look at “Stop Sending CV’s”. It has it all. [BTW, I work with him].

About the talks, and with some exceptions – like always – it was a great conference regarding speakers.

I had like 1oo written lines about my favorite speakers but I just deleted them. I love photography, but sometimes I see a perfect spot to shoot a pic and I don’t do it. If I do it, it just stops being a place in my mind, a figure in my brain, and becomes just one more picture lost amongst many others.

Being that said, I’ll write just one sentence: José Fontainhas, Ji Lee, David RowanBoris van ZantenAna SilvaAndrea VascellariMiguel Muñoz DuarteAndré Marquet, Zé Pedro and Ricardo Diniz – THANK YOU!

As a conclusion…

..next year you can count me in for sure. And chances are that the initial storytelling will be repeated in a way that no one complains.

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