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Photo by UXLx

To much has been said about UXLx for the last days. You just need to do a search on Twitter to see that. So what can I add? Nothing special, really… “Awesome”, “amazing”, “perfect”, “mind blowing” are not new adjectives to characterize the conference. They were used last year and abused on this one.

UXLx is the world’s User Experience and Interaction Design best conference. Simple as that. It’s a 3 days event where the first 2 are workshops and some short talks and the last day is where the big names talk.

I had the fortune to work as a Partner while at Active Media. Actually what you see in this photo was developed by me (and designed by a colleague). Working with Bruno, the head master behind UXLx, was nothing but great. Fast decision maker, know what he wants, a dream of a client… 🙂

I’l try to resume what the conference was to me with some quotes and thoughts of who I liked the most. So, let the game begin.

Andrew Travers – From Idea to I agree

We are not Artists, we are Designers and we’re here to solve problems
Humility isn’t a tactic, it’s a mindset
Define the problem

Dan Brown – Effective Design Documentation without a Fuss “workshop”

I kind of hate doing documentation. But sometimes I have to. And I will have to even more in a near future… So, what’s better that learn from the best? 🙂

What does a document good? It tells a story.
The firsts pages should be summaries. Quickly show what’s inside de doc.
A summary should have: purpose, range, themes, decisions/findings, context.
A document has a purpose
A document has to encourage conversation.
A document has to inspire action.
A document has to be structured.
A document has to have next steps & conclusions.
A document has be used to move forward.

Nice tips aren’t they 😉

Nick Finck: The Cross-Channel Experience

70% of users search online and buy offline.
To us there are channels (website, print, tv). To the user, there aren’t. It’s the same brand.
Know the context of use.
A cross-channel experience can only be successful with collaboration.

Stephen Anderson: Critical Thinking Skills for UX Designers

It’s not about the tools, it’s about the thinking process.
Z-Shaped thinker explores different perspectives.
Learn from other dsciplines.
Embrace constrains.
Challenge assumptions.
Appreciate details.

Kristina Halvorson: Content/Communication

Content requires time and attention.
Strategy is a plan to obtain a specific goal or result.
Show your client what happens when there’s no content strategy.
Quote experts to support your theory. Client will see it with another eyes.

Josh Clark: Cage Match: Mobile Web vs. Native App

Mobile Mayhem: every platform has its own culture.
iPhone is about personal connections. Android goes for tools and technology.
Mobile only means ‘small screen’.

Dario Buzzini: The Manual of Detection

We write stories, not manuals.
We design experiences, not procedures.
We strive for beauty.
As a designer, learn how to talk the right language.
See the evidences. Even if the client don’t.
Ask the right questions.
If you want outstanding solutions, look for outstanding people.
Designers lie.
Don’t over complicate.

Don Norman: Living with Complexity

Wasting your time is when best ideas come.
Examine the obvious.
Never solve the problem the client asks. It’s always the wrong problem.
Never start with the solution.
Complex != Complicated.
Sometimes simple thing are complicated.
Look for hacks.
Don’t show everything instantly. Discover is part of the fun.

Same time next year?

You bet!

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