“Hello Ideas” at ZON

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Today I was at ZON talking about creativity and presenting my “Hello Ideas” session. For you don’t know the company, ZON is the leader of Pay TV in Portugal and is the second biggest internet provider. So you can guess how it was a big deal.

“Hello Ideas” is turning into a great success, not only in the amount of invitations I’m having to present it, but mostly because of the audience reactions. After the school experience and some previous events, I’m more than motivated in my quest to spread the creative thinking between different sectors of our society, just because I believe that it is the key of a more happy life and success in our professions.

The initiative named “Zon Web Talks” was planned by Hugo Silva, who’s been working on the company usability department, and it has the format of an internal event. It also had the presence of Alexandre Marreiros, the CTO of INNOVAGENCY, who talked about the state of art of HTML5.

It was the first, and for what I saw, it will not be he last. I have to congratulate Hugo having the will to do this in a company that is so structured and big. So cheers to you Hugo 😉

Also I would like to thank to all attendees. The feedback, participation and motivation I saw in them after my session is priceless 🙂 It’s always great to se some smiles when you “dig” in peoples mind and shake their way of seeing things.

Open to invitations

If you like to have me talking in your company or school, feel free to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to see the possibilities. Just drop me an email 🙂

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