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My WordCamp Slides

Here they are ūüôā Enjoy it!

PS: Thank you all…

Hello ideas @ WordCamp from Hugo Fernandes

My new challenge: teaching webdesign

Great news of what comes ahead.¬†Starting tomorrow, I’ll be teaching webdesign at the Lisbon School of Design.

I’ve been invited to be the responsible of the design classes of the¬†Web Design & Interactive course, witch made me very proud. Even my mom is proud!

Since I started my journey to change lives and education through creativity, I’ve been willing for an invitation like this one. I’ll have the¬†responsibility, the opportunity and the time to change some things, or at least try to. Especially minds.

So there it is. I have a new goal in my life: to embrace education and help future web designers to better professionals.

PS: I’m still an independent freelancer.

I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Lisboa 2012

It’s with great honor that I’ll be speaking at the 2012 WordCamp Lisboa edition.

I really don’t remember the first time I started to work with WordPress, but it has been some time. A long time, actually. It all started while still working at Active Media, a portuguese agency that still uses WordPress as they first weapon of choice in what CMS matters (am I right guys?).

For me, working with WordPress is all about freedom. As a designer and freelancer, that’s my priority. And that is what I’ll be talking. Creativity + WordPress + the freedom of thinking. Since the talk will be held in portuguese, here’s the raw sinopse:

WordPress e a Criatividade

Antes de perguntar “o que o WordPress pode fazer por mim?”, pergunte “ser√° que o bife est√° bem passado?”.
√Ä partida n√£o existe uma rela√ß√£o entre as duas quest√Ķes, mas como todos sabemos nem sempre 2+2 s√£o 4. Neste caso o WordPress n√£o seria uma dor de cabe√ßa, pois nada tem a ver com bifes (presumivelmente). √Č esta a sintonia que Hugo Fernandes pretende mostrar. Fugindo √†s quest√Ķes t√©cnicas da plataforma, procurar√° estabelecer uma rela√ß√£o entre a criatividade e o modo como o WordPress funciona. Por vezes as respostas mais simples s√£o as mais eficazes, e nesse campo o WordPress √© rei.
Sempre numa perspectiva de designer, ir√° acima de tudo partilhar como o WordPress contribui para o processo criativo.

So there it is. WordPress and creativity. I hope you like it as much as I do.

See you there. Or here: WordCamp Registration

Lastest step as freelancer: new location

UPDATE: I’m now on a new location:¬†Avenida Jo√£o Cris√≥stomo, 69 – R/Ch Esq. –¬†Lisboa.

Original picture by Luís Rodrigues.

It is now official that I have a new working place, just in the center of Lisbon. Yes, I was doing fine working at the beach or at home, but I needed some more.

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ESAD Web Talks

I finally managed to visit ESAD Matosinhos. For the ones of you who don’t know what it is, I’ll put it in simple terms: ESAD is the best portuguese creative university. That’s it.

I always had it in high consideration, but after the experience of attending one of their events, the bar just got higher, which is awesome.

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